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Why to Opt for Distance Education?? In India, not everyone gets the oppurtunity to get through regular education from good colleges. And this is not intentional, students from different parts of India has opted for distance education due to various reasons, e.g. regular colleges/ Universities demand for high course fees, not all locations/areas are covered with good colleges, financial pressure due to which students do not get the oppurtunity to study rather they are forced to earn to support their family...Then we thought that we must think of some alternative system capable of supplementing the role of conventional system, and distance education is one of such alternatives. The distance education mode was adopted by many universities to meet the ever-growing demand of those students who lacked means to pursue higher education through the regular stream. Also, there were economic constraints. Consequently, many universities in India in various regions started correspondence courses or programs by providing notes, developing a system of evaluation of response sheets. ....